Rosa T. on her orthodontic experiences and how her braces made her happy

My teeth were basically, the front, the top two were basically like little windows. I had a tooth that was always going towards my back. My first visit with my first orthodontist, he did a little bit with my front, but it also wasn’t really as I wanted them, how I pictured myself coming out of there without them. Then with the retainer-wise and everything, it wasn’t as the material that they give here. They offer, here at the Foehr Group, they offer a different kind of retainer from what I was used with my first visit.

When I first came here, I had told the orthodontist, I had said, "You know what? I had braces before. The retainer didn’t really help out my teeth to keep them the way that after they took out my braces. My teeth shifted. They shifted back to how they were starting off." He was like, "Okay, let’s go ahead and, we’ll make your smile back to how you have pictured this since starting off." Since I have a big smile, I feel that it takes over my face when I smile, so I know that people were looking at my teeth first. It didn’t make me confident. Now, I don’t care smiling. I love smiling. I have a smile on my face, so now it’s just like it’s perfect. It makes me feel good.