Rosa T. on why she brings her whole family and her experience with braces

I came here. I actually had braces before. It was a bad experience. I was kind of iffy, trying to look for the right place to go and actually this place caught my attention, the people, how friendly they are and the reviews on either on the website and everything. People have put really good reviews. I came, tried them out. I really loved how my teeth came out that I even brought my husband here to get a cleaning. My mom, she got dentures here. I’ve been bringing basically all my family here. It’s a nice environment. That’s what, it attracts me to it.

It was a nice experience, getting the braces here. He walked me through every single step, come in here and I was kind of iffy on the color-wise on the braces. I thought that was more of a childish, and he told me it was like, "Grown people get braces and they get color on it, it just have to experience. You only have them once in your lifetime," but me twice in a lifetime, but still, it was a nice experience having my little colors on my teeth every single visit that I came.