Abby S. on her dental crowns and her veneers and how they made her feel better about her smile

I mean, my smile was okay. It was never crooked. I had had like, ortho done in junior high and high school, but I had … I don’t know. I guess they would say like, growing up in the dental world, some decalcification, which would be white around the top, which didn’t really exactly match the tooth color, and my teeth were pretty sensitive to bleaching, so cosmetic was a good route for me to go. Most of that work in the front of my mouth is veneers, which is purely a cosmetic. Some of the crowns were just from fillings or an aesthetic look that I didn’t like, that were some issues. Some of them I had to get done. Some of the cosmetic work clearly was just for a personal preference, but I came in. It was just like, a couple of hour appointments. They took some impressions, put a temporary on, which held up really nice for the couple of weeks I was without the actual crown.

Then it was a quick appointment—quick and painless appointment on both ends from start to finish. I feel great. I like to smile, so yeah, I feel really good now that I have them done. It’s just a great dental office; it’s inviting, it’s kid-friendly, it’s adult-friendly, it’s just a practice where it feels like people know what they’re doing and they do a good job of it.