Surgical Procedures

Dr. Robert Wolf on surgical procedures offered

It’s not the most pleasant issue to discuss, but The Foehr Group will ensure that any surgical procedure we recommend is as beneficial and comfortable as possible.

Whether you’re experiencing dental pain and need a tooth extraction or are ready to make a big change to your smile, we’ll sit down and discuss your concerns together. We’ll then work to develop a great plan that can make you happy to pose for pictures.

Also, rest assured – we offer multiple sedation options so you can remain fully relaxed during your surgical procedure.

Contact our Bloomington, IL dentist office so we can get together and find your finest smile!

The Benefits Of Our Surgical Surgery Services

The Foehr Group has been providing surgical solutions for decades. Our highly trained dentists offer these in-house services so you don’t have to see a specialist:

Sinus Lifts – If you have chosen to replace missing teeth in your upper jaw with dental implants, you may need a sinus lift. This procedure will ensure your implants have enough room for placement and enough bone for proper support.

Bone Grafts – As with sinus lifts, your jaw may require extra bone material to support dental implants. Missing teeth can lead to deterioration of your bone. With a bone graft, we can build up your bone and ensure your implants remain firmly in place.

Ridge Augmentation – This procedure also may be recommended if you want implants but require added strength in your jawbone. It can also ensure a more natural looking jawline once your implants are in place.

Gum Grafts – Receding gums can cause pain, sensitivity, an unattractive gumline, and even other surgical health problems. Gum grafts can eliminate these problems by using gum tissue to cover any exposed tooth roots.

Tooth Removals/Extractions – A problematic tooth can ruin each meal, as well as cause further damage inside your mouth. If a tooth needs to go, we can gently perform the procedure. We also provide wisdom teeth extractions, which can greatly improve your health.

Comfort, Care, & Sedation Options For All Surgical Surgery Patients

Call The Foehr Group today at 309-434-5279 or contact us through our online form so we can determine if one of our surgical procedures can improve your smile. We’ll always make it a priority for you to have a stress-free experience at our Bloomington, IL office.

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