Dental Sedation Options

Dr. Wolf Talks About the Dental Sedation Options at The Foehr Group

Dr. Wolf, an alumna of the University of Iowa School of Dentistry, and The Foehr Group team want you to feel as relaxed as possible when you’re here. That’s why we offer multiple dental sedation options so you can have a stress-free experience. Call our Bloomington, IL dentist office today at 309-740-4241 for relaxing dental care!

Relieving Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation

Dental anxiety prevents too many people from seeking the dental attention they need and deserve. If you are nervous about scheduling an appointment, we can provide:

  • Inhaled Sedation
  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation

No matter what procedure you’re seeing us for, we want you to be happy while in one of our chairs. So please don’t be embarrassed to request sedation.

Some of our patients prefer to remain completely awake while we take care of their smile. This can be beneficial, since we can answer questions. If you prefer to be asleep, we can perform “dentistry while you sleep” – and you won’t have to remember your appointment!

Sedation can also help younger patients relax. Visiting the dentist can be scary for kids, and that’s the last thing we want for them. If providing sedation can help your child enjoy the best visit with us, we will discuss it with you and come up with a plan.

It’s so important for youngsters to learn to trust us. We want them to come back year after year so we can monitor their smiles!

Our Calming & Soothing Staff

Everyone here understands how big of an issue dental anxiety can be. That’s why we make every effort to ensure you always feel welcome and have anything you need. Sedation certainly helps, but we also believe caring and compassion can be equally excellent medicine.

Discover How Relaxing A Trip To The Dentist Can Be

It’s stressful enough these days trying to keep up with your family’s busy schedules, let alone dental appointments. That’s why The Foehr Group is a “one-stop shop.” We offer a wide variety of dental services in our office so you don’t have to travel to multiple locations to improve your family’s smiles.

Contact The Foehr Group today at 309-740-4241 or fill out our simple online form to schedule a relaxing appointment at our Bloomington, IL office. We’ll make sure you and your family members are always as comfortable as possible!

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