Patient Testimonials

For all of us at The Foehr Group, there’s no greater joy than receiving excellent feedback from our patients. That means we’re doing justice to our founder, Dr. Frank Foehr, who always insisted on providing the highest level of comfort and quality of care to every patient.

We’re very proud to share these testimonials from people who have been treated in our Bloomington, IL dentist office. They have been kind enough to offer their thoughts on their experiences with us.

By providing comprehensive dental services and personal attention to your needs, we know we can make you as happy as our patients you’ll meet here. Call 309-740-4241 to schedule your introductory appointment!

Abby S. on her dental crowns and her veneers and how they made her feel better about her smile

I mean, my smile was okay. It was never crooked. I had had like, ortho done in junior high and high school, but I had ... I don't know. I guess they would say like, growing up in the dental world, some decalcification, which would be white around the top, which didn't really exactly match the tooth color, and my teeth were pretty sensitive to bleaching, so cosmetic was a good route for me to go. ...

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Marilyn H. on her Veneers and how comfortable she felt with Dr Wolf

For the longest time, I was okay with it. I never had the best teeth in the world, but it seemed like the older I got, the worse they got, I guess you could say. The smile just wasn't what I wanted, and I was really kind of ... I don't know if ashamed is quite the right word, but I was kind of embarrassed by it. And I saw an ad for these veneers, and I thought, "Well, that's kind of what I ...

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Rosa T. on her orthodontic experiences and how her braces made her happy

My teeth were basically, the front, the top two were basically like little windows. I had a tooth that was always going towards my back. My first visit with my first orthodontist, he did a little bit with my front, but it also wasn't really as I wanted them, how I pictured myself coming out of there without them. Then with the retainer-wise and everything, it wasn't as the material that they give ...

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Rosa T. on why she brings her whole family and her experience with braces

I came here. I actually had braces before. It was a bad experience. I was kind of iffy, trying to look for the right place to go and actually this place caught my attention, the people, how friendly they are and the reviews on either on the website and everything. People have put really good reviews. I came, tried them out. I really loved how my teeth came out that I even brought my husband here ...

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