I’m Having A Hard Time Chewing

Dr. Wolf Talks About Treatment with Chewing Difficulty

There could be any number of reasons why you aren’t able to enjoy eating – some obvious, some not so much. The good news is, The Foehr Group is ready resolve any dental issue you have!

If you can’t chew favorite or beneficial harder foods because you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, we want to see you right away. We can pinpoint the problem and make it go away for good. If missing or damaged teeth are hindering how you chew, we can take care of that with our restorative dentistry services.

Our Bloomington, IL office also offers several sedation dentistry options to keep you as relaxed as possible. It’s important to us that you benefit the most from a visit to our office, including feeling zero stress.

Call 309-740-4241 today to find out what Dr. Wolf, a fellow at the Academy of General Dentistry, can do for you at our Bloomington, IL dentist office!

Restorative Dentistry Solutions To Ensure You Savor Each Bite

Dental Implants – If you’re missing teeth, we can place dental implants so you have a long-lasting, fully functioning smile. You can even get new teeth in one day! Ask about our brand new GuidedSMILE system which helps us place a full arch of All-on-4® in just a few short hours! 

Root Canals – Experiencing pain or sensitivity while eating or drinking? You may need a root canal to get rid of damaged pulp and get out of pain. Trust us, it’s not as bad as it seems with the skilled hands of our dentists.

Dentures – We offer traditional dentures and implant dentures to replace missing teeth so you can easily eat any foods you like! We’ll also provide advice on how to keep them in great shape.

Dental Crowns & Bridges – A damaged tooth or missing teeth can also be corrected with our crowns and bridges. They’re simple solutions that can make an amazing impact on your health and diet.

Start Feeling Better About Feeling Hungry!

Dr. Wolf and The Foehr Group wants you to call us today at 309-740-4241 so we can help you in treating the damaged teeth and happily chew again soon! You can also fill out our convenient online form to contact us.

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