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When you have at least one missing tooth—or most or all teeth on your lower or upper jaw are missing—then a denture or a partial denture might be the solution for you. Our dental office in Bloomington is one of the best in the area and we pride ourselves on the affordable quality dentures that we provide to our patients. Call us today if you want to schedule an appointment or need more information on how much a denture will cost you.

Why Would I Need Dentures?

If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, then you may notice differences that are subtle at first, but gradually increase. You may be unable to enunciate your words, you may be unable to eat your favorite foods, and your facial structure may change. A denture can replace your own teeth and restore your ability to smile and eat your favorite foods, and it can also retain the alignment of your teeth and jaws.

We’ll match your denture to your natural tooth color and shape, so it will appear the same as your natural teeth. Your teeth are an integral part of your overall health because they serve as the first part of the body’s digestive system. Proper chewing of your food is essential if you’re to get the nutrients you need, so investing in a denture to replace missing teeth is an excellent investment in your overall good health. For more information, call our Bloomington office and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Are There Different Kinds of Dentures?

There are numerous styles of dentures, and the type that’s best for you will be determined by several factors. Our dentist will inspect your teeth and gums at your denture consultation in Bloomington and will make a recommendation for the best dentures for your unique needs. Denture choices include:

Full Denture/Complete Denture

A complete denture (also known as a full denture) replaces all of your natural teeth. If you have some teeth, they’ll be extracted in order to accommodate the full denture. If you’ve opted for an implant-supported denture, the implants will be installed at this time. You’ll be given temporary dentures until your permanent denture is complete. When your gums are healed, you’ll be fitted with your permanent dentures, which will be adjusted for comfort and function. A removable full/complete denture sits on top your gums and is sometimes anchored with adhesive. A fixed full denture will be anchored by implants. If you have more questions or want to schedule an appointment in our Bloomington office, then give us a call.

Partial Denture

We use a partial denture for those who have some healthy teeth but are missing at least one tooth. A partial denture is much like a dental bridge, but has clasps that are attached to adjacent teeth, so it’s removable at night for cleaning. Bridges are permanently attached and can’t be removed.

Flexible Partial Denture

Some patients find that the metal clasps and hard base of a traditional partial denture are uncomfortable. A flexible partial denture uses a flexible material that’s the same color as your natural teeth. Both the clasps and base are flexible, so they look more natural and feel more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Implant-Supported Denture

Instead of resting on the gums like a traditional denture, an implant-supported denture is anchored in place by dental implants that are surgically installed in your jaw. The implants prevent slipping and moving, so your dentures stay firmly in place. Implant-supported dentures can be removable or permanently installed.

A bar-retained denture is connected with clips to dental implants, which are attached to a metal bar. Ball-retained dentures have small, ball-shaped connectors that insert into sockets on the implants. Both types are removable and should be cleaned nightly.

Both bar-retained and ball-shaped implants can also be permanent installations if that’s your preference. They won’t need to be removed for cleaning, and you’ll always have a mouth full of teeth that will look and function like your own teeth. Some patients are more self-confident with a permanently installed, implant-supported denture.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept

Four Nobel Biocare implants are used to secure All-on-4 dentures. Of the four implants, two are inserted on an angle to provide additional stability for your denture, as well as extra biting power.

What’s the Procedure for Getting Dentures?

Getting a denture is a multi-step process, and the steps will vary somewhat depending on the type of denture you’ve selected. During your first office visit, any remaining teeth will be extracted and we’ll take measurements and impressions so that your denture will fit comfortably. If you need implants, we’ll install them at this time.

When your gums have healed, you’ll return to The Foehr Group, and we’ll install your custom denture and adjust it for proper fit and function so that it looks and feels like your natural teeth.

Will a Denture Be Very Expensive?

Your dentures cost will be based on a number of factors, including any insurance you have, the kind of dentures you select, the materials used, and any additional dental treatment and prep work you require. We do our best to provide our patients with affordable quality dentures, but if you have additional questions about your unique situation, call our office in Bloomington and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Why Would I Need a Soft Reline for My Dentures?

A traditional denture is lined with a rigid acrylic substance that many patients find uncomfortable. Soft denture relines use a soft, comfortable material that eliminates chafing and the sore areas experienced by many denture wearers. If you want to schedule an appointment to reline your dentures, then call our Bloomington office today.

Can I Schedule an Appointment Today to Discuss Getting Dentures in Bloomington?

Our helpful team members always try to book appointments as soon as quickly as our schedule allows. However, if you have a dental problem that’s urgent, be sure to tell us when you contact us.

We have some of the best dentists in Bloomington, who are proud to provide outstanding service and affordable, quality dentures. Please call (309) 740-4241 today to set up a consultation to find out more about getting dentures in Bloomington.


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