Preventive Orthodontics

At The Foehr Group, our Bloomington, IL dentist, Dr. Whittet, insist on making sure young smiles are in great shape. Taking care of kids’ smiles today prevents big problems in the future. Preventive orthodontics are one of our many solutions for keeping kiddos’ overall oral health in check. If there is an irregularity in your child’s bite, we can correct it using Phase 1 orthodontics treatment.

Dr. Kurt Whittet is a Bloomington, IL orthodontist who specializes in bite issues. He attended the Southern Illinois University School of Dentistry in 1999 then later completed a postgraduate program in orthodontics at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. With all these accomplishments, Dr. Whittet is ready to help your child enjoy the best smile possible. Call us at 309-740-4241 to schedule a consultation!

What Is Phase 1 Preventive Orthodontics?

“Phase 1” is a term used to describe early orthodontic treatment for younger patients. This type of preventive orthodontics treatment is done before all your child’s permanent teeth come in.

Using the latest technology, we can create custom appliances to ensure your youngster’s palate, jaw, and teeth are ready for their adult teeth to come in properly. These appliances can benefit your child’s smile now and prevent future costly procedures as his or her teeth, jaw, and gums develop.

By using appliances such as retainers, we can correct issues such as:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Cross bites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Insufficient space for adult teeth to come in

Bloomington, IL dentist Dr. Whittet and our highly trained team not only treat existing issues, but we can also identify whether any problems are on the horizon. For instance, we can tell if there may be future crowding of your child’s teeth with fast, no-fuss digital X-rays.

No Need To Worry: Dental Anxiety Solutions

“Dentist” can actually become a word spoken with a smile in your household. Our fun, friendly, and caring staff members make each visit a joy. We also offer sedation options to soothe any young ones who fear the dentist’s chair.

Kids deserve to have a positive introduction to dentistry, and we want them to always feel comfortable coming back to see us.

Talk To Us Today About Preventive Orthodontics For Young Smiles

Call 309-740-4241 today to schedule an orthodontics consultation at our Bloomington, IL office. You can also contact us through our online form. The Foehr Group and the top Bloomington, IL dentist Dr. Whittet will make it easy to determine if preventive orthodontics are right for your child’s developing smile.

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