4 Ways Dental Implants Make Summer More Fun

Missing teeth can easily take all the fun out of life. Our team at The Foehr Group understands that more than anyone, which is why we do all we can to keep that from happening to you. We want you to know that there’s a more fun, enjoyable, healthier life waiting for you in our Bloomington, IL practice when you choose our dental implants to ...

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Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

You should be able to smile without fear of embarrassment. You deserve to eat anything you want without stressing about whether or not you’ll be able to chew it easily and comfortably. That’s why you need to come to The Foehr Group for a tooth replacement consultation. We can explore your dental implant options so your smile and ...

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The Change In Your Smile With Dental Implant & Crowns

Tooth replacement can be quite intimidating, especially when you think about how your smile will look when your treatment plan is over. But our team at The Foehr Group wants to offer you some peace of mind about your results. Today, we’re sharing a before and after image from one of our successful cases thanks to our natural-looking ...

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Are Your Replacement Teeth Working For You?

Your life with replacement teeth should be just as healthy and enjoyable as your life before tooth loss. If that’s not true for you, then it’s time to seek the help of a highly-qualified dentist. At The Foehr Group, we have the skills and technology to make sure your replacement teeth work for you. Take today’s quiz to find out if ...

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How To Prevent Tooth Loss & Preserve Your Smile

In Bloomington, IL, there is one trusted source in modern tooth replacement strategies. That’s our team at The Foehr Group! We can replace your missing teeth with dental implants, as well as a number of other innovative methods so you can love your smile and your life after suffering tooth loss. With dental implants, various dentures ...

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Why Summer Is Better With Dental Implants

With summer coming up quickly, our team at The Foehr Group needs you to know that tooth loss doesn’t have to steal your fun in the sun! That’s because we offer several options in tooth replacement using dental implants in our modern Bloomington, IL dental office! Why Summer Is Better With Dental Implants Summer is better with dental ...

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All-on-4® Implants Are Life-Changing

Diane lost nearly all of her teeth to gum disease in her teens and had been struggling with her replacement teeth ever since. A devastating problem at any age, Diane knew better than anyone what strong, sturdy replacement teeth would mean. That’s when she decided to trust one of the finest dental teams in the Bloomington, IL area, The ...

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Renew Your Smile With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

At The Foehr Group, we specialize in getting your oral health back on track even after the most devastating dental problems. We replace missing teeth using the latest techniques and advanced technologies so your new smile looks and feels natural and you can eat whatever you want without pain or discomfort. It’s about renewing your health, ...

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Check Out Our Quality, Lifelike Dentures

Losing your teeth doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a beautiful, natural-looking smile. When you trust a practice that houses the latest technology led by a highly-qualified team of dentists, your new replacement teeth will look just as lifelike as ever! Here’s a before and after image of one of our dentures patients, and it’s ...

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Modern Tooth Replacement Before & After

Replacing missing teeth is an important decision for you, so we’d like to make it an easy one! Our team at the Foehr Group houses the latest in modern technology so our patients get the most realistic tooth replacement available. We think our advanced methods result in your best smile where the only thing people notice about it is how ...

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