Knowing Your Tooth Loss Risks

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Yes, we specialize in finding solutions for patients faced with tooth loss at The Foehr Group.

Our dental implants and restorations are second-to-none here in Bloomington, IL.

But that doesn’t mean we sit around in delightful anticipation for everyone’s teeth to start falling out one by one!

It’s the exact opposite!

We care about you, and we care about your health! That’s why our ideal scenario is when you’re our lifelong patient who visits us routinely for check-ups so we can help you keep your natural teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible.

But, our mission is also to reach people out there who are already facing the problem of tooth loss and feel like there’s no reason to hope for a healthy smile and a higher quality of life. We know better than that, and we’re here to offer solutions!

Know Your Tooth Loss Risks!

Here are some common risk factors you should know about so you can address potential threats to your oral health.

*Gender & Age*

For whatever reason, men seem to be at a higher risk for tooth loss than women, but all adults fall under similar risk when it comes to age.

According to oral health research, we know that the older you are, the more at risk you are for tooth loss. That’s to be expected simply because like all things health-related, advancing age affects our outside appearance and inside systemic function.

What is surprising is that more and more, studies are showing a trend of increased tooth loss risk at younger and younger ages. By your mid-30s, you could be at a higher risk from that point on and should dedicate yourself to good oral health if you haven’t already.

*Tobacco Use*

Smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco will greatly increase your risk for gum disease, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss.

If you currently smoke or use tobacco, do all you can to kick the habit as soon as possible. The sooner you can breathe new life into your gums after years of tobacco use, the better off you’ll be in the long run in avoiding tooth loss on a grand scale.

*Oral Care At Home & At The Dentist*

Your oral hygiene routine has much to do with your risk for tooth loss. That’s because keeping your teeth and gums clean every single day will help you avoid plaque buildup and tooth decay that can cause gum disease infection to develop and spread.

Along with that, you must visit the dentist at least every six months. Here, you get professional deep cleanings where hardened plaque, or tartar, is removed by a skilled hygienist. You also have the advantage of advanced early detection in our Bloomington, IL dental office used during thorough exams.

These two oral care commitments are critical to preventing tooth loss in the first place.

*Diabetes & Hypertension*

Research is published all the time that reinforces what we’ve known for awhile now.

It’s that there are many links between your oral and total body health.

Two significant risk factors for gum disease are hypertension and diabetes. The causal relationship is still uncertain, but we do know that if you have either of these two health conditions, you’re at a higher risk for gum disease, and ultimately, tooth loss.

When It’s Too Late, Trust Dental Implants!

It’s important to know your individual risk for tooth loss.

But what if this information is coming to you just a bit too late?

You have our team at The Foehr Group!

Our Bloomington, IL practice is equipped with the most advanced dental implant technology in modern dentistry. We can provide you with the best strategies, precision in preparation and placement, and the finest-looking replacement teeth around.

Let us help you come back from poor oral health and tooth loss for a healthier, more beautiful smile for years into the future!

Come to our dental office in Bloomington, IL for strong, modern tooth loss solutions!

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