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Reasons and Remedies for Tooth Discoloration

If you have dark and discolored teeth, you know how embarrassing this issue can be. Many people who suffer from this common dental issue feel less confident because of it. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to bring your smile back to life and to increase your confidence. The Reasons Why Teeth Become Discolored Discolored teeth can be…

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Why Flossing Is Never a Maybe

You’ve seen them for decades. Slogans such as, “Brush twice a day for good dental health” or similar. Although they were correct as far as we knew at the time, they didn’t go far enough. Researchers now know that you need to floss as well as brush if you’re to keep your mouth healthy. After you eat, a bacteria-laden, sticky…

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Causes of Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease

You work hard to maintain those beautiful pearly whites, but did you know that maintaining your gums is equally as important to your overall oral health? Most people aren’t aware of the severity of gum disease, known as gingivitis in its early stage, or how much damage it can do to an otherwise flawless smile. Medically called periodontal disease, gingivitis…

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Brush Up on the Benefits of Brushing

You’ve been brushing your teeth for most of your life, so you probably think that you’re doing it correctly. However, everyday habits like brushing and flossing are the very ones that are likely to be done incorrectly due to the fact that they are part of our everyday routines and we don’t often think twice about them. That’s why it’s…

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Invisalign: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find yourself hiding your smile from the world because your teeth are crooked or you have large gaps between them? Having crooked teeth or other orthodontic issues can deal a huge blow to your self-confidence. In addition, it can lead to a number of oral health issues. Invisalign is an innovative treatment method that can help to create…

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Modern Tooth Replacement Before & After

Replacing missing teeth is an important decision for you, so we’d like to make it an easy one! Our team at the Foehr Group houses the latest in modern technology so our patients get the most realistic tooth replacement available. We think our advanced methods result in your best smile where the only thing people notice about it is how…

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Get A Beautiful, Healthy Smile This Spring With Dentures

Don’t let the possibility of wearing dentures scare you into avoiding the dentist office. Our team at The Foehr Group in Bloomington, IL wants you to have the high quality of life you deserve, which is why we’re devoting today’s blog to the ways our modern dentures can give you a healthy, beautiful smile this spring! Why You Need Modern…

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How To Complete Your Smile In 3 Hours Or Less!

You can have a full set of teeth sooner than you think. But that’s only if you come to the right place, of course! At The Foehr Group, we can help you finally have a healthy, beautiful smile in just one visit to our Bloomington, IL dental office! How To Complete Your Smile In 3 Hours Or Less! Here’s a…

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Can Advanced Technology Make Your Mouth Healthier?

Our commitment to advanced technology at The Foehr Group plays a huge role in the quality of your dental care. It allows us to diagnose potential oral health problems earlier and more accurately than ever before. It also helps us provide the best solutions to your dental problems that modern dentistry has to offer. Have you ever wondered how technology…

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The Natural Look Of Dental Implants

When patients come to us for an initial consultation about tooth replacement options, they often express concern about the end results. Will dental implants look natural? We’re telling you what we always tell them… Absolutely! Take a look at just one of our many dental implant case studies in today’s photos. When you trust our highly-skilled team in Bloomington, IL,…

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