Bone Grafting Could Make Dental Implants Your Reality

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Tooth replacement needs to be led by highly qualified professionals with the training and the technology to make your new teeth fit the lifestyle you want.

That’s exactly what you get at The Foehr Group in Bloomington, IL!

Our innovative dental implant options help you rebuild your smile with strength and beauty you can’t find just anywhere. It takes precision and careful planning, which is what we want to focus on in today’s blog.

Some patients need to undergo procedures before they can become good candidates for dental implants, and today, you’re hearing about bone grafting, among others, that can make a strong set of teeth a reality for you!

When You Lose Teeth, You Lose Bone

Considering how much we rely on our jaw every single day, it’s funny how easily we can take it for granted. Without a strong, healthy jawbone, you couldn’t maintain your facial structure, appearance, teeth, or your health.

If you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, you risk losing part of your jawbone through a natural resorption process that a dental implant can stop, and amazingly, reverse.

When you’ve lost several teeth and lost too much bone mass, you can’t support a dental implant, which is why our team at The Foehr Group wants to intervene as early as possible to keep that from happening.

Placing a dental implant inside your jaw is a way to encourage your jawbone to keep growing and strengthening. That’s because it fuses to the implant, which is topped with your restoration replacement tooth. It helps you eat what you want with a bite that’s nearly as strong as you have with real teeth.

What happens when you don’t begin the replacement process in time?

We have procedures to help you bounce back!

Bone Grafting & Other Surgery Options

Our bone grafting procedure is reserved for patients who’ve lost too much bone mass as a result of tooth loss. Many patients in that boat may also consider a ridge augmentation. Both procedures can help you better support implants if tooth loss has robbed you of bone mass and strength.

Any areas where teeth are missing will likely reveal portions of your jawbone that may have deteriorated. Grafting ridge augmentations can reinforce those places.

That way you can have a stronger, healthier jawbone to keep your dental implants in place.

Another ray of hope for patients who’ve been told they aren’t a good candidate for implants is a sinus lift. Here, we can actually create more space between your upper jaw and sinus cavity to make room for dental implants to replace teeth in those areas.

We never want you to feel like hope is lost. We’ll do whatever we can to find the best solution so you can live the way you want.

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