Awareness Is The First Step In Fighting Gum Disease

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The biggest threat to your smile and your oral health is gum disease. It’s the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and in today’s blog, you’re going to find out why!

Our team at The Foehr Group is dedicated to keeping you informed of the most effective ways to keep your mouth healthy. That’s why we’re celebrating Gum Disease Awareness Month by letting you know about how we can help you come back from poor oral health as a result of this insidious infection.

With gum disease treatment in our Bloomington, IL dental office, you can restore health to your teeth and gums, preserve your natural smile, and work on maintaining it for the rest of your life.

Let us partner with you in the fight against gum disease!

It all begins with awareness, so let’s get started!

Surprise, Surprise: It All Begins With Bacteria!

At any given point, your mouth is full of bacteria. Not a pleasant thought, we know, but it’s not all bad news.

Some of that bacteria is good. It’s the bad bacteria you should worry about.

That’s because it joins forces with your saliva to coat your teeth with plaque, something that can be very sneaky because you can’t see it.

But make no mistake, it’s working pretty hard in your mouth.

Under normal circumstances, your saliva coats your teeth, giving your enamel a good layer of protection against bacteria and harmful acids. The saliva is also meant to wash away residue that’s left behind from your meals and drinks.

Once the plaque has a chance, however, to set up shop on your teeth and around your gumline, that’s when things get real!

Here’s Where Gum Disease Gets Real!

When you give plaque enough time to live amongst your teeth and gums, it will harden. At that point, it’s turned into tartar, and it’s something that you won’t be able to remove on your own with brushing and flossing.

In fact, even your tooth enamel isn’t as strong as tartar buildup, also known as calculus. And once it’s locked in place in your mouth, harmful bacteria has a field day!

The bacteria releases toxins that irritate your gums, causing them to recede from your teeth.

Why is this so serious?

Because it begins the tooth loss process. Your teeth, without the support of your gums around them, will loosen and eventually fall out. After that, the gum disease infection has an open door to your bloodstream and can cause all sorts of serious systemic health problems.

This stage, called periodontitis, can only be treated by a dental professional. That’s why routine cleanings and exams are so critical for the sake of your smile and your health.

Early Detection Is Key!

When we get the chance to thoroughly exam your mouth twice a year, we catch gum disease early enough to eradicate the infection and restore your gum health.

But less frequently, your chances for developing gum disease increases significantly and the effects can be irreversible.

That’s why you shouldn’t skip out on routine cleanings and exams in our Bloomington, IL dental office.

If you struggle with fear and anxiety about dental appointments to the point where you feel unable to go to the dentist, help can be found here.

We know how critical it is to feel comfortable about dental care, which is why we are so committed to easing your mind when you’re with us.

Take Action To Prevent Gum Disease

The decisions you make everyday are a big part of the gum disease prevention game.

But it also takes the support of a highly-trained team of professionals who have the experience and technology to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

At The Foehr Group, that’s our commitment to you. It’s why we not only invest in the latest tools of modern dentistry, but it’s why we take every effort to build your confidence about professional dental care.

Celebrate Gum Disease Awareness Month with a dental cleaning and exam in our Bloomington, IL dental office.

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