5 Reasons To Smile In 2018!

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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it seems like people are pretty split. You either make them every year, or you don’t believe in their longevity or effectiveness and just never see it as a worthwhile endeavor.

But one of the most popular commitments people make all throughout the year is to their health. So why not make your oral health a top priority this year?

Our team at The Foehr Group is here and ready to help you achieve your smile goals this year with our restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for a healthy, happy life in 2018!

*Resolve To Beat Dental Anxiety In 2018!

We know that one of the things standing in the way of good oral health for millions of Americans is dental anxiety. When you’re too scared to come to the dentist for routine check-ups, you’re at a higher risk for all kinds of problems, beginning with gum disease.

So make it one of your New Year’s goals to overcome your fears with help from our caring team and sedation dentistry.

It’s a safe, effective strategy for building your confidence about professional dental care so you can get the dental treatment you need!

*Brighten Your Smile This Year!

If you’re a daily coffee drinker, or you enjoy the occasional glass of red wine, you might have teeth that give away your love for these beverages. It’s the same if you eat foods that are topped or cooked with dark sauces like marinara or soy.

Professional teeth whitening at The Foehr Group is an easy, safe way to dramatically brighten your smile, take years off your appearance, and boost your self-esteem in 2018!

*Get The Straight Smile You Want!

As much as we’d love to say that most people are born with straight teeth, it’s just not the case. But if you’re an adult with crooked teeth, it can feel really discouraging to think about wearing braces to correct the issue.

In our Bloomington, IL dental office, you have options in orthodontic treatment that don’t require you to walk around with a mouth full of metal!

Invisalign, one of our many options, is a treatment that uses clear plastic aligners that are comfortable, effective, and nearly invisible!

The best part is that with Invisalign, you can have a straight smile in about a year as opposed to two or more years with traditional braces!

*Complete Your Smile In 2018!

Tooth loss can be a life-changing dilemma in several ways. Not only is it an embarrassing dental problem to have because of what it does to your smile, but you face certain health risks as well.

When you don’t replace a missing tooth, you’re at a higher risk for even more tooth loss. That’s because an empty space in your mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and infection to fester.

When that happens, your jawbone can deteriorate, compromising the entire structure that supports your remaining teeth.

At The Foehr Group, you can trust that you’re getting the best tooth replacement option available in modern dentistry. That’s thanks to dental implants!

Dental implants are like synthetic tooth roots that bond to your own jawbone. They’re capped by natural-looking restorations that give you a complete, healthy smile.

Implants also make it possible for you to enjoy all the foods you love without pain or discomfort.

*Put Dental Check-Ups On Your Calendar Now!

Maybe you don’t rank a trip to the dentist office very high on your resolution list each year. You’re certainly not alone. But we want to let you know why it’s so important to set aside time for at least two dental cleanings and exams per year.

You know that daily brushing and flossing is what the American Dental Association considers best practice for good oral hygiene. So you probably already do that.

But on its own, it’s not enough to eradicate plaque and tartar buildup. That’s what our professional hygienists are here to do.

There are places in your mouth that brushing and flossing can’t clean effectively. To be truly protected against gum disease requires that routine dental check-ups are somewhere at the top of your list of priorities for your health.

Scheduling those appointments now will help you avoid time conflicts later in the year!

*Book An Appointment With Us!

At The Foehr Group, we don’t just aim to help you keep your oral health on track. We strive to keep your mouth healthy all year, every year.

We’re also here to make sure you have an attractive smile that gives you courage to pursue the things you want in life.

Our wish for you this year is that you live the life you want with the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Visit our Bloomington, IL dental office soon so we can sit down with you to discuss your smile goals in 2018!

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