Get A Beautiful, Healthy Smile This Spring With Dentures

Don’t let the possibility of wearing dentures scare you into avoiding the dentist office. Our team at The Foehr Group in Bloomington, IL wants you to have the high quality of life you deserve, which is why we’re devoting today’s blog to the ways our modern dentures can give you a healthy, beautiful smile this spring! Why You Need Modern ...

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How To Complete Your Smile In 3 Hours Or Less!

You can have a full set of teeth sooner than you think. But that’s only if you come to the right place, of course! At The Foehr Group, we can help you finally have a healthy, beautiful smile in just one visit to our Bloomington, IL dental office! How To Complete Your Smile In 3 Hours Or Less! Here’s a brief introduction to how our team ...

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Dental Sedation + Dental Implants = A Healthy Smile!

It’s quite a natural impulse to fear the unknown. When we don’t know much about something that, on the surface, sounds pretty frightening, we tend to paint a distorted, monstrous picture in our heads that, in reality, isn’t that bad at all! Because of this, we may avoid doing things or taking actions that are in our best interest ...

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Can Advanced Technology Make Your Mouth Healthier?

Our commitment to advanced technology at The Foehr Group plays a huge role in the quality of your dental care. It allows us to diagnose potential oral health problems earlier and more accurately than ever before. It also helps us provide the best solutions to your dental problems that modern dentistry has to offer. Have you ever ...

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We Invest In Your Smile By Investing In Technology!

At the Foehr Group, we believe an investment in advanced technology is an investment in you! That’s because our modern tools and methods allow us to give you exceptional care and greater options for your oral health and your smile. Here’s one of our highly-skilled dentists, Dr. Weiss, talking more about the value of advanced technology in ...

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The Natural Look Of Dental Implants [PHOTO]

When patients come to us for an initial consultation about tooth replacement options, they often express concern about the end results. Will dental implants look natural? We’re telling you what we always tell them… Absolutely! Take a look at just one of our many dental implant case studies in today’s photos. When you trust Dr. ...

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You Don’t Have To Wait To Love Life Again With Same-Day Smile! [BLOG]

No other feature can show people who you really are quite like your smile. Sure, our eyes are the doorway to the soul, but without a genuine, unabashed smile to go with it, it’s hard to reflect yourself fully. It’s no mystery, then, why tooth loss can be so impactful for patients who’ve suffered the effects of poor oral ...

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How We Can Guide You Toward A New, Healthier Smile [BLOG]

Our team at The Foehr Group is always looking toward the future so our patients get the latest, most advanced dental care available. We’re dedicated to your oral health and we want you to feel great about what you see in the mirror. That’s why today’s blog announces a new method of tooth replacement in our Bloomington, IL dental ...

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Should You Try Invisalign? [QUIZ]

As we welcome a new season, you may be thinking about cleaning out the old and ushering in the new. This applies to your appearance as much as anything else. So if you’ve been wondering about how to straighten your teeth, consider a new, faster way to do that! At The Foehr Group, you can try Invisalign, an ideal orthodontic treatment for ...

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How CBCT Means Better Dental Care For You!

Every year around this time, many people like to take a few days to do some deep cleaning around the house. You might go through the pantry and spice cabinet to discard all the expired items that have been taking up space. What’s the benefit of this kind of spring cleaning? Not only do you give yourself and your family a fresh, clean ...

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