How Health Resolutions Affect Your Smile

Are you thinking about making some changes in your life in 2018? If you’re like many people, the answer is probably yes. Whether you go all out and excitedly write a new list of resolutions every year, or whether it’s just something that weighs on your mind a bit after the holidays, we all want to enjoy a better, healthier year than the one ...

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Live Better In 2018 With Dental Implants!

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, you’re left dealing with the discomfort and shame that inevitably come with tooth loss. Dental implants from The Foehr Group can help you avoid the limitations that other teeth replacement options put on your life. Dr. Wolf and our highly-trained team in Bloomington, IL are ready to help you live ...

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5 Reasons To Smile In 2018!

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it seems like people are pretty split. You either make them every year, or you don’t believe in their longevity or effectiveness and just never see it as a worthwhile endeavor. But one of the most popular commitments people make all throughout the year is to their health. So why not make your oral ...

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Are Dental Veneers In Your Future?

Over the years, Marilyn became increasingly unhappy about her smile. But that all changed when she saw an ad for dental veneers from The Foehr Group. Once Marilyn decided to take the first step and visit our Bloomington, IL dental office, she was able to put any apprehensions aside and trust our talented team. Hear more about Marilyn’s ...

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A Dentist Who Helps You Overcome Dental Fear

Many people struggle with an overwhelming fear of the dentist office. And this can really put their oral health at risk. That’s why you deserve a dentist like Dr. Weiss at the Foehr Group! Today, we’re sending you a quick message from Dr. Weiss about our dedication to helping you overcome the hurdle of dental anxiety here in our ...

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Do You Need Dental Implants In 2018?

Have you been hesitant to seek a tooth replacement option that works for your health and your lifestyle? Our team at The Foehr Group wants you to consider dental implants in 2018 so you don’t have to spend another year’s worth of holidays missing out on all the fun. Today, we’re sharing a short quiz with you so you can get one step ...

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Start A New Year With A Newly Restored Smile

Are you ready to start a new year with healthy teeth and gums? Then today’s blog is for you! At The Foehr Group, you have a highly-qualified team of dental professionals who can get your mouth healthy again with restorative dentistry. We’re diving deeper into what it means to have strong teeth, healthy gums, and a beautiful smile so ...

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Avoid A Dental Emergency While You Deck The Halls!

If you faced a dental emergency over the Christmas holiday, would you know who to count on for fast, effective treatment? Trust our team at The Foehr Group in Bloomington, IL! We’ll do all we can to relieve your pain with quality restorative dentistry. Today, we’re looking at the ways a dental emergency can threaten your holiday plans ...

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How Sedation Dentistry Improves The Holidays

There are so many reasons to celebrate during the holidays. Our team at The Foehr Group is adding one more reason to the list! Sedation dentistry is one of the most powerful tools in helping you overcome dental anxiety. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer a variety of sedation methods in our Bloomington, IL dental office so you can ...

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Look What Dental Implants Can Do!

With dental implants, you not only regain control of your oral health, but you prevent more tooth loss, and can move forward with a beautiful smile! That’s the dental implant difference here at The Foehr Group. Today’s before and after photo is just one of many examples of the way we can use implants to turn your life around in our ...

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