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When Dr. Frank Foehr started our practice 35 years ago, he provided such care and consideration to each patient that they felt like family. Dr. Wolf and the rest of us at The Foehr Group honor his legacy by continuing to treat every new and longtime patient as he would have.

Today, you can expect the same personal attention, but you’ll also enjoy the advancements of the latest, most patient-friendly technology and comprehensive dental care all in one place.

We’re ready to offer the care you and your family deserve. Give our Bloomington, IL dentist office a call at 309-740-4241 to schedule an appointment!

Using The Latest Technology To Make The Most Of Your Visit

We’re continually exploring the frontiers of dental technology to ensure you have the most swift, efficient, and comfortable visit.

For example, we use 3D diagnostic imaging, which captures actual 3D images of your teeth. These are far more informative to us than traditional X-ray images. By having a crystal-clear 3D image of your mouth, we can better determine the right solutions for your smile.

You might also benefit from GuidedSMILE. This system for placing All-on-4® can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair! We can cut hours of lab work into just half an hour, which means you can walk into our office without any teeth and walk out with a fully functional smile just a few hours later. 

Comfort Options At The Foehr Group

We provide dental sedation options so you or any member of your family can completely relax as we care for your smile. You can choose to remain awake during a procedure or sleep while we work. It’s totally up to you, and all you have to do is ask!

We currently offer:

  • Inhaled sedation medication
  • Oral sedation medication
  • IV sedation medication

Community Involvement

Our founder, Dr. Frank Foehr, was very much in touch with his community, which is something we at The Foehr Group continue to value. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and other community activities, which keeps us connected with our patients on a more personal level.

We Make It Easy To Choose Us!

The Foehr Group is a considerate, one-stop shop for any dental needs you or your family require. Call us today at 309-740-4241 to find out what we can do for your smile.

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